Food Services

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A nutritious breakfast and lunch are available to all students on a daily basis.  Breakfast will be offered to ALL students in grades Pre-School through 12th grade in the Ewen-Trout Creek School District FREE of charge.  The cost of lunch in the Elementary is $2.25 per day or $11.00 per week in the High School lunch is $2.50 per day or $12.50 per week.  Money can be deposited into lunch accounts in the office each morning until 8:07 as well as the cafeteria during the lunch period.   Parents are encouraged to deposit money into their children’s lunch account on a weekly or monthly basis, but students will be permitted to purchase lunch daily when necessary.  Students who choose to carry their lunch may purchase milk in the cafeteria for $0.30.

Free and reduced lunch applications will be sent home with the students during the first week of school.  Parents are encouraged to complete and return these forms to the school secretary as soon as possible so that a speedy determination of benefits can be made.  Extra forms are available in the school office and on the school website.

Students/parents will be notified when their lunch accounts reach a $10.00 balance.  This will enable you to put money into the account before it drops to a negative balance.  If a student’s account enters into a negative balance he/she will not be permitted to receive lunch until the account has a $10.00 balance or greater.

Breakfast and lunch prepared and served by Brenda Metas and Bo Gustafson.