Schools of Choice Program

Why choose the Ewen-Trout Creek School District?

​The Ewen-Trout Creek School District (E-TC) is pleased to offer all students with opportunities to experience success. We want the best for our students and have taken broad steps forward to meet the challenge of academic excellence. E-TC has an excellent staff that truly cares about the success and social / emotional well-being of students. Dedication, knowledge, and top-notch skills are shown by our teaching staff, and our support staff. We will always strive to better our programs and create an environment rich for learning. The Ewen-Trout Creek School District is fortunate to have strong community support and engagement in our school.

The Ewen-Trout Creek School District prides itself on the great culture and climate we provide for students to receive a quality education. We invite you to find out more about our teachers, schools and programs. We are continually making improvements to our schools to offer all students a chance to experience success.

Some of our changes, initiatives and reasons why students should attend the Ewen-Trout Creek School District include:

  • High Quality Staff
  • Small Class Sizes
  • Availability of Current Technology
  • Challenging and Diverse Curricular Offerings
  • ​Personalized Learning Plans
  • A.S.P.I.R.E Academic Support Program
  • Modern and Safe Facilities
  • Positive and Proactive Approach to Learning
  • Over 30 Scholarship Opportunities for Graduating Seniors
  • Priority for the Olive Kuehnl Sain Scholarship​​ at NMU
  • High Quality Extra-Curricular Programming
  • School-to-Work Program
  • Continuous Focus on Staff Professional Development
  • Community Support and Engagement
  • Opportunities for Parental Involvement